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Towards Parkinson’s risk assessment and prognosis through AI

AI-PROGNOSIS is a Horizon Europe research and innovation project that aims to advance Parkinson’s disease diagnosis and care through novel predictive models combined with digital biomarkers from everyday devices.


User research and engagement of key stakeholders over the course of R&D.



Partners from the EU and UK


Years in duration


Multi-centre clinical studies

Our motivation

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the most common neurodegenerative movement disorder, affecting ~10 million people worldwide, and has no cure.

PD is often missed or misdiagnosed, as early symptoms are subtle and common with other diseases. Moreover, selecting the optimal medication regimen is usually a lengthy, “trial and error” process, leading to unnecessary suffering.

Our research

Based on multi-source sets of in-depth health and genetic data, AI-PROGNOSIS aims to develop and validate novel AI models for personalised Parkinson’s disease (PD) risk assessment and prognosis.

PD risk prediction

Based on a person’s relevant characteristics and early signs, measured also with everyday digital devices.

PD progression prediction

In terms of time to higher disability transition, with emphasis on motor impairment and known disease milestones.

Medication response prediction

In terms of reduction of symptoms and of side effects, for a shortlist of common dopaminergic treatments.

Our methodological pillars


Through continuous engagement with key stakeholders, including persons with PD and healthcare professionals, during R&D.

Trustworthy AI

Compliance in practice with Trustworthy and Responsible AI guidelines, including the EU MDR and the upcoming EU AI act.

Clinical validation

Through well-designed, sufficiently-powered studies for proof-of-concept validation of research outcomes and digital tools.

Medical Team

Our envisioned AI tools

Ultimately, AI-PROGNOSIS aims to develop an ecosystem of digital health tools for persons with and without Parkinson’s disease (PD) and healthcare professionals towards better disease screening and care. Driven by the novel AI models, these tools will offer personalised insights into disease risk, progression, and treatment, with the help of data from the smartphone and a smartwatch.


mAI-Health app

For persons with suspected PD to track their personalised risk.

Mobile Phone User

mAI-Care app

For persons with PD to track symptoms, disease progression, and medication efficacy.

Doctor with patient

mAI-Insights app

Healthcare professionals’ (Web) app for PD screening, patient follow up, and medication regimen optimisation.

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