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AI-PROGNOSIS: Engaging Patients in Co-Creation

9 Apr 2024

Insights from Co-Creation Session for Better Parkinson's Care

On 8 April, AI-PROGNOSIS conducted its first co-creation session with Parkinson's disease patient representatives with a focus on refining the active motor tests component intended for integration into the AI-PROGNOSIS app.

During the session, we prioritised gathering feedback from the patients' perspectives, specifically considering the design features of this component. Our primary goal was to engage patients as co-designers in enhancing the proposed Comprehensive Motor Function Test (CMFT) for integration into our app.

Patient feedback serves as the cornerstone of our development process, ensuring that our solutions meet the real-world needs of those affected by Parkinson’s disease.

Co-creation is one of AI-PROGNOSIS's three methodological pillars. It emphasises our commitment to continuous engagement with key stakeholders, including persons with or without Parkinson’s disease and healthcare professionals, throughout our research and development process.

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