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AI-PROGNOSIS project kicked off

13 Jul 2023

AI-PROGNOSIS, a four-year Horizon Europe project towards AI-enabled Parkinson’s risk assessment and prognosis, kicked off

AI-PROGNOSIS project, a groundbreaking four-year endeavor funded by Horizon Europe, officially kicked off. This ambitious project aims to advance the diagnosis and care of Parkinson's disease through AI-enabled solutions.

Parkinson’s disease is the most common neurodegenerative movement disorder, affecting ~10 million people worldwide, and has no cure.

Parkinson’s disease is often missed or misdiagnosed, as early symptoms are subtle and common with other diseases, allowing for considerable damage to occur before treatment. Moreover, selecting the optimal medication regimen is usually a lengthy, “trial and error” process, leading to critical, costly non-adherence.

The AI-PROGNOSIS project brings together a consortium of 18 partners from 11 countries who share a common vision of leveraging AI technology to address these challenges. The two-day kick-off event took place in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, hosted by the Signal Processing & Biomedical Technology Unit - AUTH, setting the stage for this exciting research and innovation venture.

The first crucial step in this journey is to amass and harmonize vast and diverse sets of in-depth health and genetic data. By doing so, the project aims to develop robust, fair, and transparent predictive models for understanding disease risk, progression, and patients' responses to pharmacological treatments.

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