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Fighting Parkinson's: Prof. Leontios Hadjileontiadis Shares AI-PROGNOSIS Vision

14 Feb 2024

A Decade of Dedication: A Journey from i-PROGNOSIS to AI-PROGNOSIS for Transformative Advances in Parkinson's Care

Prof. Leontios Hadjileontiadis, the coordinator of the AI-PROGNOSIS Project, shares insights about the AI-PROGNOSIS project, reshaping early detection and treatment of Parkinson’s disease using innovative AI solutions.

After a decade of efforts, our evolution from the i-PROGNOSIS project to the current AI-PROGNOSIS endeavour, funded by the EU, reflects a commitment to innovation in Parkinson's care.

Our mission? AI-PROGNOSIS aims to identify individuals living with Parkinson's disease without knowing it, assess symptom progression, and evaluate medication efficacy. The primary focus remains on early detection and treatment.

By combining smartphone interactions and sensor data, we aim to comprehend how Parkinson's impacts daily life. These digital biomarkers don't just provide insights but act as proxies for AI technology, shaping prediction and prognostic models for better healthcare.

Watch the full interview:

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